Locally produced ‘Lactose Free’ milk is finally available in Pakistan

If you have had problems in your stomach after consuming milk, it is probably because you are lactose intolerant. Lactose a common chemical compound that is naturally a part of milk.

Lactose makes up around 2-8% of milk which means nearly all of the milk you drink regardless of where you buy from has lactose in it.

This common chemical compound is notorious for causing several stomach problems like nausea, diarrhea, bloating, cramps and other discomforting issues around the world.

This causes people to completely give up on milk and other dairy products until and unless they consume milk which is free from lactose.

In Pakistan, people have no option but to quit drinking milk because there are no lactose free options available in the local market. But this changes now.

Lactose-free milk is finally available in Pakistan

The milk brand Dayfresh has finally introduced a lactose-free variant of their milk which is quite welcoming especially for those who find it difficult to drink normal milk.

With lactose-free milk, you can finally drink milk and eat things made from the special milk without any stomach disorders.

Although the milk is available in limited quantities in specific cities of Pakistan, Dayfresh hopes to expand all over Pakistan if the demand is sufficient.

You can buy the milk online through here.

Have you tried this special variant of milk yet?