Highlights from Islamabad’s biggest summer dance party

Last year when Diplo performed at the Mad Block Party in Islamabad, thousands gathered to enjoy one of a kind Electronic Dance Music festival in Pakistan and Islamabadis showed the entire country they’re not behind when it comes to partying.

But as soon as the concert ended, the urge to have another EDM festival immediately kicked in. Thankfully, Islamabadis got another chance to enjoy a music festival on the same scale last month when a local promotional company invited renowned Ukrainian DJ ‘Da Queen’ to Pakistan to give a performance of a lifetime.

And as expected, thousands of Islamabadi youth gathered outside PNCA to enjoy this powerful and energetic concert known as the Pluto Discovered featuring local artists such as TOSHI, SomeWhatSuper, Farasat Anees, MASSIV, Wali Aleem and DJ Da Queen. Here are some highlights from the memorable concert.


More about DJ ‘Da Queen’

The featured artist of ‘Pluto Discovered’ Dj Da Queen is one of the top 10 female DJs of the world. Her real name is Olga Korolova and she is from Kiev, Ukraine.

Her professional and charismatic DJ skills are the main factors she is loved so much in the Female DJ scene. Da Queen knows how to control the crowd with her explosive music and energetic live performances.

Da Queen has performed in 70 countries with the number growing every day.