Here’s how people celebrated Pakistan’s Independence day in and out of country

Some of the best celebrations in pictures

Pakistan and Pakistanis around the world celebrated the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan with traditional zeal and fervor. Overjoyed Pakistanis started their celebrations on the night of 13th August just before the clock ticked 12 AM.

Several commemorative ceremonies took place around the country to mark the Independence Day. There were fireworks, concerts, and various other events where people went in huge numbers.

On an important occasion such as the Independence Day, monuments and all important buildings across the country become a sight to see adorned with green colors and the Pakistani flag.

This time people from both in and out of the country celebrated the independence day with full passion and energy. Here are some pictures from the celebrations across Pakistan and in the world.

Buildings decorated on 14th August

Pakistan Independence day celebrations are incomplete without decorated buildings across the country. This year buildings were decorated in a huge number. Check some of our favorite picks.



Celebrations by people

The people of Pakistan went out on the roads and celebrated the Independence day with full zeal and zest. School children, adults, women, elderly, and everyone else took part in traditional celebrations across the country.

Celebrations outside Pakistan

Celebrations outside Pakistan weren’t far behind. The National flag of Pakistan was displayed around many parts of the world including on the iconic Burj Khalifa, on screens of New York, and Canada town squares.

Iran had also placed several billboards around the capital city to wish Pakistan a great independence day.

Pakistan flag on Burj Khalifa

Watch: Pakistani flag displayed on the Burj Khalifa to mark the nation's Independence Day in Dubai

Geplaatst door Gulf News op Dinsdag 14 augustus 2018

Pakistani American community's celebration of our Independence Day

Beautiful visuals of Pakistani American community's celebration of our Independence Day. Our flag means hope for millions of people living around the globe.

Geplaatst door Pakistan Defence op Dinsdag 14 augustus 2018

Our national flag at Eaton Center, Toronto, Canada!

Once again The most refreshing drink Has hoisted our flag High with pride!Once again The Drink of the EastHas triumphantlyWon the Hearts! Once again The King of the drinksHas successfully Spread the message of Love!Once again Rooh Afza Has ultimately Made Pakistan proud!Our national flag coloring the screens of Eaton Center, Toronto, Canada with green and white.

Geplaatst door Rooh Afza op Dinsdag 14 augustus 2018

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