Here’s everything you need to know about the newly launched Neon M3 Electric Bike in Pakistan

Neon, a Pakistani based motorcycle assembling company has launched an all-electric bike by the name Neon M3 in Pakistan. The bike is an eco-friendly vehicle that aims to provide emission-free and noiseless experience.

All of the parts of the bike are made in China but it is assembled in Pakistan. For those of you who are keen on knowing what features it brings with it, here is a quick rundown of all the important highlights of the bike in an easy to read format.

Features of Neon M3

For starters, Neon M3 completely and fully runs on electricity. It does not produce smoke or sound when you take it out for a ride. Here are its other features:

Neon M3 Power

The Neon M3 houses a 2,000-watt motor which can take the bike up to 85kmph speed with a maximum speed of 90kmph constant. The battery comes with a 1-year warranty which can be claimed through the company.

Neon M3 Exterior features

The M3 looks like a muscular bike with dual piston caliper breaks on both the front and the back with added digital instrumental cluster gauge which is equipped on the top.

The bike is also automatic featuring DRL (Daytime Running Light) LED lights. It has tubeless tires and its rearview mirrors provide an extra wide vision to minimize any blind spots.

Neon M3 Safety features

Neon M3 comes with a host of safety features which is a refreshing change from typical motorcycles available in Pakistan. It has an unlock/lock remote, built-in alarm system which starts ringing if the rider forgets to remove the stand before parking the bike.

Neon M3 Battery power

Neon M3 is capable of running 50kms on a full charge before completely running out of juice. The bike can be fully charged in 6 hours. When the battery reaches 20%, the bike automatically stops letting the rider know that battery is low. The remaining charge can then be used as reserve battery.

The M3 is powered by a 6-cell 72v battery which can live up to 2 – 2.5 years before it needs replacement.

Neon M3 Price

The Neon M3 currently starts at the price tag of RS. 128,000. For the time being, the company is giving away the bike at RS. 108,000 with a promotional helmet.

The bike is available in various colors too.