Hamid Mir quits Geo after 17 years to join Gourmet News Network as President

Just when you thought Gourmet’s new channel Gourmet News Network was a stunt by the company to foray into uncharted territories, the company shocked every Pakistani out there by roping in Pakistan’s renowned journalist Hamid Mir as its president.

If you have been seeing photos of Hamid Mir posing right next to the GNN logo and wondering if the news was true or not, now you’ve got your proof.

Hamid Mir was captured in photos shaking hands with the team of GNN as they welcomed him abroad the channel’s team. Here is a video of Zubair Chattha announcing the induction of Hamid Mir as president of GNN.

Shehzad Hassan and Salman Hassan also join GNN

If the news of Hamid Mir joining GNN wasn’t shocking enough, renowned journalists Shehzad Hassan and Salman Hassan has also joined the new channel bidding farewell to Dunia News.

More about Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir is a Pakistani journalist, news anchor, and an author. Born in Lahore to a journalistic family, Mir initially worked as a journalist with Pakistani newspapers, and currently hosts the political talk show Capital Talk on Geo News. He writes columns for Urdu as well as English newspapers, both national and international.

Mir interviewed Osama bin Laden after the September 11 attacks. During his career, Mir also interviewed various world leaders such as John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Nelson Mandela and Shimon Peres. He has also interviewed celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan.

He was awarded with the civil award Hilal-i-Imtiaz for this work. In 2016, he was awarded Free Press Award in the “Most Resilient Journalist Award” category. In 2017, he was awarded the lifetime achievement award by Zafarullah Khan Jamali for his work as a news anchor.