Giga Mall Islamabad creates a special ‘waiting room’ for drivers

In Pakistan, nearly every other family has a driver. These drivers are often forced to wait for the families they work for while they eat, shop or visit someplace.

Islamabad’s Giga Mall took notice of this issue when the mall’s management saw a huge number of drivers forced to wait in cars or in the basement of the mall in this heat and decided to do something about it.

The mall’s management came up with the perfect solution and created a specially dedicated waiting room for drivers who wait while the families shop in the mall.

The spacious waiting area has seats for drivers to sit and television with cable for them to watch. The drivers can also order a cup of tea while waiting.

This is a pretty good initiative by the mall since there are very few places around the mall itself where the drivers would go an pass time. With this new area, they can finally relax and avoid the heat of the sun and bad weather.

Such initiatives are very important and other big businesses should also follow this and provide a rest area for drivers and domestic staff of families who are otherwise forced to wait outside without even a proper seating area.