Celebrate Pakistan independence day with this special 14th August songs list (2018)

The entire country is planning to celebrate Pakistan’s 71st independence day tomorrow with their own unique way. There are going to be various events held tomorrow to signify ‘Azaadi’ of Pakistan along with various other activities.

The excitement and passion of Pakistanis are touching the skies at the moment as each and every Pakistani is gearing up to go out and celebrate.

Whether you decide to stay home or go out with your friends on a drive tonight and tomorrow, Independence day isn’t complete with a healthy dosage of ‘Mili nagmas’ on your playlist.

We present to you a special 14th August songs list which will take your celebrations to a new height. This list includes both new and old time favorites(covered) to pick from.

New 14th August songs list

Every year artists from around Pakistan produce new music to celebrate the 14th of August. This year is no different. Check out these amazing new songs and covers of iconic Pakistani patriotic songs to play.

Mera Pakistan – 100 voices featuring various artists

Pakistan National Anthem (rendition by HBL)

Main Urra – Parwaaz Hai Junoon

Tera Karam Maula (Cover) – Richie Robinson

Chand meri Zameen (cover) – Imtezaaj band

Ye Watan Tumhara Hai (Cover) – Zaryab Sultan

Ishq Pakistan – Hamdard Pakistan

Aye Dharti (tribute) – LACAS

Ek Qoum Ek Awaz – Various artists

Watan Ki Matti (Cover) – Zarb

Is Parcham Ke (Cover) – Tamaasha

Yeh Watan (Cover) – Bayaan

Tu Hai Kahan (cover) – Pindi Boys

Wohi Khuda Hai (cover) – Various artists

Chand Sooraj Sitare – Qalb – The Band