Android 9.0 Pie has officially been released – Here are the new features

Android 9.0 name is finally official and it has been released on select devices. Android 9.0 Pie can be downloaded on Google’s Pixel smartphones starting today while most other phones will get the update by the end of Fall 2018.

The latest version of Android comes with several new features that make it easier for you to navigate your phone as well as save battery using Artificial Intelligence.

For all of you curious about the new features added to Android 9.0 Pie, read our favorite picks below.

Android 9.0 Pie new features

The latest Android is pushing intelligence, simplicity and digital well being at the center with the new update. At the core, there is now a new gesture navigation feature which makes it easier for you to use the phone.

Navigation gestures

With the new update, you can now say goodbye to traditional three-button navigation in favor of gestures. A new pill like button has been added at the bottom of the screen that you can now tap to go home, or swipe right to go back, or swipe left to switch between recent applications, or swipe up to view recent applications on the app drawer.

Before you can use the gesture navigation, you’ll have to activate it in the settings menu.

New look and notifications

The notifications tab is now wider and adds more features in it. Messaging app, in particular, will now suggest smart replies and show improved information in every notification.

You will no longer be able to expand Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings from the notifications tab.

Dark mode

You can now turn on an official dark mode option added to Android 9.0 Pie settings menu. This eliminates the need to rely on wallpapers to trigger dark mode.

You can now decide whether you want to use dark mode, light mode or let the phone decide based on your wallpaper.

New screenshot tools

You no longer need to hold the power and volume-down buttons to take a screenshot. You can now take a screenshot by pressing the power button and then tap the screenshot button that appears on the phone.

Additionally, a new screenshot shortcut has been added which lets you edit screenshots as soon as you take them.

Extra security features

Android 9.0 P adds a new layer of security by giving you an option of locking down your phone. When you enable this feature, it disables the fingerprint sensor and trusted voice unlock. The phone gives you your backup unlock options like a PIN or pattern.

Rotation on demand

From now on, you won’t have to lock your phone in vertical or portrait mode. Android will now provide you a small button whenever it detects your screen has changed orientation. You can tap this button to rotate your screen.

Better battery management

Android 9.0 P now comes with an adaptive battery feature which uses AI to understand how you use apps and then optimizes the energy consumption accordingly.

With this new feature, the battery is only made available for apps that you use the most instead of giving battery to every app running in the background.