American video game developer opens studio in Pakistan

American mobile game developer Cloudcade Inc. best known for games ‘Shop Heroes’ and the upcoming title ‘Card Brawl’ has just opened a developing studio in Pakistan.

A total of RS. 800 million investment has been made to ensure the Pakistani studio performs smoothly and help develop games for the company.

Cloudcade has hired Ammar Zaeem, the former co-founder of Caramel Tech Studios in Pakistan as the head of the Cloudcade studio Pakistan.

The Pakistani Cloudcade studio currently has a team of 50 artists, engineers, and quality assurance professionals ready to take on the challenges of developing high-quality mobile video games.

In a statement released by the President of Studios, Cloudcade North America, Jeffery Kong said he was thrilled to welcome the Pakistani team onboard.

We’re thrilled to welcome Ammar and the entire Pakistan team to the Cloudcade family. We’ve had a great relationship working together on multiple key projects, and they’ve proven themselves as capable and thoughtful partners.

Cloudcade aims to open more studios in Pakistan

This will not be the only Cloudcade development studio in Pakistan. The company aims to open multiple studios in the country in order to take video game development to the next level.

Cloudcade is very confident in the Pakistani team who has ample experience in developing video games for various other companies around the world.

Cloudcade current games

Cloudcade currently has one fully developed game titled ‘Shop Heroes: RPG Tycoon’. The game has a 4.3 rating on Google Playstore with 72,275 reviews and 1,000,000+ downloads.

The studio is now working on a new game titled ‘Card Brawl: Duel of Champions’ which will be a turn-based RPG/CCG looking to take on Blizzard’s massively successful ‘Hearthstone’.

You can download and play ‘Shop Heroes’ on Android, iOS, and Steam for free.

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More about Cloudcade Inc.

Cloudcade was founded in 2014 as a free-to-play mobile games developer and publisher. They have a vision of creating beautiful and innovative game.

Their aim is to provide a superior user experience with games that use real-time metrics to drive key design decisions.

Cloudcade has its headquarters in San Francisco with development powerhouses positioned in North America and Asia.