YouTuber Amna becomes the first Pakistani female to reach 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel

Last year YouTube opened up its partnership program in Pakistan allowing YouTubers from the country to finally monetize their videos and earn on the side.

Ever since then there has been a significant rise in Pakistani YouTubers. But before this surge, there were quite a few Pakistanis who were already working hard to produce content on YouTube.

Now local YouTube content producers from Pakistan have started reaching huge milestones. Just recently Nadir Ali became the first Pakistani YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers.

Following his footsteps, Amna from the YouTube channel ‘Kitchen with Amna’ has become the first female YouTuber to reach the same milestone.

Check her unboxing the Golden Play Button given to her by YouTube for reaching 1 million subscribers.

The Gold Play Button award is only awarded to YouTubers who reach 1 Million subscribers.

YouTube has four tiers of awards for channels. These awards are given in acknowledgment for the achievements a channel makes.

For 100,000 and above subscribers, YouTube gives away the Silver Play Button, while 1m, 10m, and 50m receive the Gold, Diamond, and Ruby Play Buttons respectively.

More About Amna

Amna joined YouTube in 2016 and she started out by uploading very easy to make home-based recipes. She frequently uploads Pakistani and Indian recipes and very beautifully describes how to make them.

Her channel also shows you how to make English meals, healthy diet meals, Chinese, Arabic, American snacks, milkshakes, smoothies, beverages, desserts, cakes, and much more.

Most of her videos are four minutes long and a lot of them have over 1 million views!

Amna now aims to reach 10m subscribers on YouTube to get the diamond play button by YouTube.

Best of Kitchen With Amna

Kitchen with Amna has more than 500+ recipes on the channel. This is a huge feat for someone who started out only two years ago.

We pick a few of the best ones.