These pictures are from ‘China Port Karachi’ and yes it is indeed in Pakistan

By now you must have come across these pictures of a large pavement surrounded by weirdly shaped rocks in the middle of the sea on your social media newsfeeds.

Believe it or not, these pictures are from the newly inaugurated Pakistan Deep Water Container Port in Karachi. The pictures you saw are part of this port and people are calling it ‘China Port’ simply because it has been made in collaborating with Hong Kong-based Hutchison Ports and Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

The pavement surrounded by these rocks is actually a waterbreak for the port which protects it from harsh sea waves.

Since this is something new and unique in Karachi, it has quickly become a major attraction for photographers, tourists, videographers, and general folk.

These rocks are called ‘Tetra-Pods’ and they have a purpose

In case you thought these weird looking rocks have been placed around and above the pavement for beautification, you’ll be surprised to know that these rocks actually serve an important purpose.

Now all of us are quite aware of the fact that the sea can sometimes get very angry and produce gigantic waves splashes which can hit the shore real hard.

These waves have a lot of power in them can be dangerous to nearby structures, shore or ships. When tetrapods are placed in an interlocking pattern, they form a porous boundary.

So if at any time the sea decides to throw huge waves, these rocks will absorb a portion of the power thanks to their porous nature. This effectively protects the shores from damages caused by strong and angry waves.

More about Deep Water Container Terminal at Karachi Port

The Deep Water Container Terminal at the Karachi Port is Pakistan’s first one of its kind purpose built deep-water container terminal.

It was inaugurated in May 2018 and was established with the help of Hutchison Ports Pakistan, and Karachi Port Trust.

The terminal is actually one of the most advanced in the entire region and has already broken its own productivity record for about four times and has serviced some of the largest containerships in the world since it started its test operations.

The high performance of the port is expected to greatly raise Pakistan’s global trade competitiveness.

The terminal will now launch a new regional operations center in December 2018 which will allow it to engage in remote ship planning for ports in other areas that fall under the Hutchison Ports Network.

Overall, the facility has tons of technological advantages that will effectively reduce cycle times and provide huge cost savings to both importers and exporters in the country.

Location of China Port, Clifton, Karachi

Coming back to the tetrapod-rocks that have become quite a popular tourist spot, here is how you can reach it.

Although the rocks are part of the new terminal, they are still quite far away from the actual port. The exact location of this place cannot be found on Google Maps, so your best bet is to watch the video below by ‘Nethead Pakistan’ for accurate directions.

Please keep this place clean!!

The China Port, Clifton Karachi has already attracted a lot of people from surrounding areas and unfortunately, as it is common with all tourist places in Pakistan, the spot has already started showing signs of excessive garbage, and trash thrown in and around the sea.

People have also started throwing Paan spits on the beautiful tetrapod rocks which are destroying the scenic look of the entire place.

As a public service message from, Please do not litter! Keep your trash with you and throw it away when you are near a garbage bin.