These are the celebrities and crickters who voted in the General Elections 2018

Millions of Pakistani’s left home yesterday to vote for Pakistan in the general elections 2018.

While the weather was extremely hot and humid with rain in some areas, it did not stop the average Pakistani from going out and voting.

Amidst the average Pakistanis were celebrities and cricketers who were equally enthusiastic about casting their vote for Pakistan.

Here are all the celebrities and cricketers who voted in the Pakistan General Elections 2018.

Note: does not support or is in association with any one single political party. We do however support Pakistani’s going out to vote regardless of their political preference. This article is for purely entertainment purposes.

Zainab Abbas

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Farhan Saeed

Alhamdulillah, Bismillah!
Did my job, let’s celebrate Pakistan InshAllah!

Mawra Hocane


Urwa Hocane

Guys get up now and go to your polling stations & make yourself count for the future of Pakistan !!!

Maya Ali

Done with my part, have you done yours..??

Bilal Abbas Khan


Vasay Chaudry

A 14 hour flight and then THIS !

Bilal Khan

Stood in line this morning in NA-131 polling station to cast my vote – it was extremely hot but duty fulfilled. It wouldn’t be hard to guess who I voted for given “Larho Mujhey” is such a recognized anthem. Please, please, please go out VOTE. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or humid or there are long lines. Take out everyone and make them vote. You only have to do this once in 5 years. Okay time for me to pack and leave for Toronto, flight is in 8 hours.

Imran Abbas

I just casted my voted..Did u? Step out of your comfort zone and show your support to not any particular party but your mother land. I was up whole night rethought of what I am going to do today, scrutinized, googled, researched , checked out stats, facts and figures to who to cast vote to. Please you also do the same and do not carried away by emotions or any other temporary incentives. We have to write fate of our country. “Go and cast your vote now”.. Pakistan needs us and every single vote matters.

Asad Siddiqui

Voted!! #generalelection2018 #pakistan

Feroze Khan

Ap sab ko Mubarak ho ! ?? #NayaPakistan.

Behroz and Shahroz Sabzwari

Vote NOW!
YA ALLAH Karam karna

Faysal Qureshi

I’ve done my responsibility…have you???

Amna Baber

Vote do #Pakistan ki khatir. #election2018??

Samina Peerzada

Mansha Pasha

I Voted!
No matter who you are voting for today, Do Vote. The only way forward is through Free and Fair Elections.
Your voice matters! Make it count.

Adnan Malik

My polling station for NA 247 and PS 111 was Hampton Grammar School in Clifton, Karachi. I was there by 8 am, the polling started at 8:15. It was minorly chaotic (as all starts in Pakistan are) but there were polling agents, supervisors, lots of rangers and a few of us early bird voters. It all went by relatively smoothly and felt pretty decently sorted out.
I was out by 8:35.
Remember to carry your silsila number and your block code on a separate sheet. You can’t register without these 2 pieces of information.
To get this info. Message your ID card number to 8300.
Vote intelligently and for those you believe can achieve desired results and are in line with your value system.
Pakistan zindabad! ??
(Now I’m going to catch some zzzzz’s ?)

Adeel Hassain

‘Done n done ‘

Sana Javed

Played my role in making a better #Pakistan, #IVoted?? ? May the best person wins!

Neelum Munir

Minal Khan

I voted, did you? ?

Fahad Mustafa

Our responsibilty is to Vote.. No matter what !

Sonya Hussyn

While heading out!
#election2018 #sonyahussyn#voteforpakistan ✅??

Mehwish Hayat

2day we hold our destiny in our hands. To vote is a privilege so plz exercise ur right to do so.We have a voice,let’s use it or we will have no right to complain.2gether let’s build a brighter future

Uzair Jaswal

Rise and shine. Let’s go, let’s go. Time to vote!! Pakistan Zindabad ??#ElectionPakistan2018

Mommer Rana

Your Vote is your voice,so go and vote today

Iqra Aziz

We’ve done our part?

Wasim Akram

I have casted my vote for better Pakistan ??, Have you ?

Fakahar Zaman

Vote Casted #PakistanZindaAbad

Ruman Raees

Muhammad Hafiz

Performed my National duty

Yasir Shah

I have cast my vote for Pakistan

Ahmed Shahzad

I did ?? did you?

Umar Gul

fulfilled my duty and voted for the betterment of our Pakistan. Time for everyone to get out of their homes and #voteforPakistan #Generalelections2018 every vote counts #pakistanzindabad

Sarfaraz Ahmed

Hassan Ali

I have done my vote ?…did you have ..??