The giant sinkhole on Mall Road Lahore has been repaired within 24 hours

By now most of you have seen the damage the first monsoon rains of this season caused to Lahore. Apparently, more than 252 millimeters of rain downpoured in Lahore in just 24 hours causing most of the city to drown in water.

While the rain caused many roadways and other structures to crumble, become flooded or completely broken down, one of the damages that caused was a giant sinkhole appearing in the middle of Mall Road near GPO Lahore.

The sinkhole became notorious within hours because it was something of a first the citizens of Lahore were experiencing along with other Pakistanis who saw plenty of videos and images of the broken down road with a giant hole on social media.

Just after 24 hours of the hole appearing in the middle of the road, the Lahore authorities have already repaired it. The impressive response time has left people either impressed or in doubt.

Most people believe that it was a quick and reckless effort by the authorities that caused the sinkhole to appear in the first place.

Others are praising the authorities for their quick and timely response to fix a problem.