Relax! Only the ‘Suzuki Mehran’ model without Air Conditioner is being discontinued

Launched in 1989 in Pakistan, Suzuki Mehran became one of the most bought and popular cars of Pakistan. Even today thousands of Pakistanis buy the car.

An official statement regarding the discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran was issued by the manufacturer and without any surprise, it created panic amongst Pakistanis.

While some people were pleased with the discontinuation of the car, others were not so happy because ‘Mehran’ is the only vehicle in Pakistan that is in reach of middle-class families when they desire to buy a brand new car.

For those worried about Mehran going away, relax! The notification issued by the company only mentions a specific model of the car. Currently, Mehran is available in two variants; one that comes with air conditioner, and the other that comes without it.

According to the notice, only the ‘S8308’ version of the Mehran which comes without air-conditioner is being canceled.

The notice does not mention anything about the variant that comes with Air-Conditioner. Even the dealers have declared that it will still be sold.

The official notice by Suzuki can be read below:

Mehran is expected to discontinue in 2019

Even if the Suzuki Mehran is still being sold, experts believe that Suzuki Mehran will be completely discontinued in 2019.

Sources say the company is planning to discontinue all models of Mehran in March 2019, but this could be completely wrong because rumors of the car being discontinued completely have been around for the past year.

Reasons why Mehran will be discontinued

There are two reasons why Suzuki Mehran might be discontinued next year.

  • First, Suzuki has been planning for quite some time to replace Mehran with the next generation 660cc Alto which will be around the same price as Mehran or a tad bit more but offers better features.
  • Secondly, the 800cc category will see intense competition with a number of companies launching new vehicles.

For example, ‘United Autos’ is set to launch a direct competitor of Mehran within the same price range.

The 800cc ‘United Bravo’ is a rebranded Dahe Motor GH350 for Pakistan. It is a hatchback that will house all the modern safety features that you commonly see in Japanese cars.

Check out some pictures of the car below:

A look at the Alto 660

If all things go according to plan, the Alto 660 will replace Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan.

Here are some pictures of the car available in other countries. Please note that these pictures are from models being sold in other countries and does not necessarily means that the same features will be available in the Pakistani variant.