Quetta Gladiators partners with Red Bull to launch a huge local cricket tournament

For those of you unaware, the Red Bull Campus Cricket is the only such global T20 cricket tournament especially developed for university students where campuses from 8 countries contest to become world champions.

This year Red Bull Campus Cricket Pakistan has partnered with PSL franchise Quetta Gladiators for the upcoming nationwide Campus Cricket Tournament which will feature 96 teams from Pakistan.

8 cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Faisalabad will send their best young players to fight in the tournament.

The winners of this huge tournament will then travel to Sri Lanka later this year to fight for a chance to become the World Champions of Red Bull Campus. The team will have to fight against 7 other teams from different countries.

University students will be monitored by Quetta Gladiators

Since Red Bull Campus Cricket Tournament is all about cricket teams made up with university students, Quetta Gladiators will closely monitor these players across the country.

The PSL franchise is planning to induct any outstanding talent from the tournament and give them a chance to play in the team.

According to Quetta Gladiators, two of the best players – one from Balochistan and one from around Pakistan – will make it to the All-Stars Muqabala which will be held later this year against another team from PSL.

Quetta Gladiators will personally train 11 players

The top players from the Red Bull Campus Cricket will get the chance to take part in a high-performance camp created by Quetta Gladiators.

The camp will personally train these 11 players and the franchise hopes that they will be able to extract top talent from the country from this camp.

8 Universities from Balochistan will take part

In a first, Balochistan will finally have a chance to prove that they have some of the best talents in the country. The Red Bull Campus Cricket will have at least 8 universities taking part in the upcoming tournament.

Red Bull Campus Cricket has helped bring forward talent like Hussain Talat, Mir Hamza, and Nauman Raees. All of these players have previously taken part in the tournament.

Look forward for more details as they become available.