Pakistan’s first all-girl team from NUST have completed their Formula Car

The girls are all set to represent Pakistan in the International Formula Student Competition in England


The all-girl team from NUST, Team Auj have just completed work on their first formula car and are ready to compete at the International Student Formula Competition being held in the UK this month.

The girls had won a spot to compete in the competition earlier this year and began work on their first formula car.

The team created their formula car from scratch. Their formula car aims to reach 1-100 in 4.5 seconds and has 90 horsepower. It is ready to compete against 30 other teams from around the world.

Team Auj Car Unveiling at Cafe Garage

Team Auj from NUST H-12 has finally made their Formula Student Racing car, we're so excited! Thank you for all the love and support from everyone, we would not be able to make it without you all. <3 Special shoutout to Cafe Garage and HPR for helping us reach this point. Now on to Silverstone UK! #iMechE #FormulaStudent #AllGirls #GameOn #FS #UK #WhoSaysGirlsCantDrive #WatchUsDrive #PowerThrough #CAR199 #FSUK #Race #GirlPower #Pakistan #PakistansFirst #NUST

Geplaatst door Auj – Formula Student op Woensdag 27 juni 2018

Team Auj

Team Auj working on their car Naltar 199 for Formula student UK 2018.#iMechE #FormulaStudent #AllGirls #GameOn #FS #UK #WhoSaysGirlsCantDrive #WatchUsDrive #PowerThrough #CAR199 #FSUK #Race #GirlPower #Pakistan #PakistansFirst

Geplaatst door Auj – Formula Student op Vrijdag 9 maart 2018

Meet the team

The all-girl team from NUST comprise of 15 talented young girls. Among them are Harim Akhtar, Hanadi Hayat, Aatrah Rauf Shaikh, Sabah Zaman, Laiba Rodyna, Hira Ejaz, Wardah Jamal, Minahil Malik, Fatima Sohail, and Azka Athar.

To read more about each team member, check out our previous coverage.

More about Formula Student 2018

The Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition. It is backed by high profile engineers and industries in the world. The competition aims to develop innovative and enterprising young engineers from around the world and encourage more people to start a career in engineering.

Each year hundreds of competitors take part in the event who are tasked with producing a prototype of a single seat race car for sprint racing or autocross. This car is then presented to a manufacturing firm.

Teams are judged by specialists at the end on the basis of skidpad, sprint, acceleration, endurance and fuel economy and more of the car.

This year’s Formula Student 2018 will be held on 11-15 July.

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