Pakistan’s favorite German Ambassador just gave his foxy a ‘Truck Art’ makeover

Martin Kobler is without any doubt Pakistan’s favorite German Ambassador. For the past few years, Kobler has become a social media sensation in Pakistan.

He travels across Pakistan and visits in areas where others would dare not go. He goes to roadside dhabbas and enjoys ‘Karak chai’ and even indulges in traditional Pakistani breakfast like ‘Halwa Puri’.

Just a couple of months back Martin took on Twitter and asked his Pakistani followers to help him decide a paint job for his foxy. He got many suggestions from his followers but the one that topped the list was getting a custom ‘Truck Art’ paint job.

Unsurprisingly, Pakistanis asked and Martin delivered. He just revealed his foxy that got a fresh truck art paint job. Have a look.

Even though the truck art is quite minimalistic on the vehicle, it still gives it a very cultural look. Now his followers on Twitter are asking him to get a quote on the back of his car because no truck art is complete without hopelessly romantic or funny quote hanging at the rear!

If you have a suggestion for Martin, you can tell him directly by following his official Twitter account.

Martin Kobler activities in Pakistan

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