Pakistani Mangoes, Footballs and Culture show Attracted a huge crowd in Serbia

The Pakistani Embassy in Serbia arranged a one of a kind cultural show in the prestigious Republic Square of Belgrade, Serbia.

The ‘Emerging Pakistan and Mango Show’ held for five consecutive days was a huge success as scores of Serbian people attended it.

During the occasion, guests were served with refreshments and Pakistani mangoes, which are famous around the world for their taste.

The exhibition itself constituted of stalls of dental, surgical, and beauty care instruments along with sports goods, sportswear, footballs and of course, Pakistani mangoes.

At the end of the exhibition, a cultural show was held in which Serbian girls wearing traditional Pakistani dresses performed on Pakistani music for the crowds.

Fruits and sports goods import deals signed

A delegation of Pakistani businessmen was also present to hold meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

At the end of the exhibition, an MOU on cooperation in sports and trading of sports goods were signed between the two countries.

According to the MOU, Pakistani sports company Euro Sports Pvt Ltd will export sports goods to Power House 381 Sports Agency, a Serbian sports promotion agency.

In another deal, Serbian company Delhaize will begin importing fruits from Pakistan for its 450 supermarkets across the country.