Pakistan thrashed India in India to secure a place at the World Junior Squash Championships 2018

While everyone was waiting for election 2018 results in Pakistan, Squash Juniors Haris Qasim and Abbas Zeb have made the country proud by thrashing Indian Squash juniors to take the spot in the quarterfinals of the ongoing World Junior Squash Championships 2018 in India.

The Pakistani boys won the first two matches of the game to seal a tie until the Pakistani team won the third game.

The first match of the evening took place between India’s Rahul Baitha and Pakistan’s Haris Qasim. Baitha won the first game with 11-8 on the board but Pakistani youth came back strong with a 16-14 win in the second game.

After this, the Indian youth lost his cool and let Qasim completely overwhelm him with scores 8-11, 16-14, 11-6, and 11-7, giving his team a lead of 1-0.

The second match started between India’s currently No.1 player Yash Fadte and Pakistan’s Abbas Zeb. Yash won the first game but lost his cool and Zeb completely overwhelmed him with scores 6-11, 11-9, 12-10, and 11-2.

Now Pakistani team is set to fight in the quarterfinals against England which will takes place today.

More about the World Junior Squash Championship

The official World Junior Championships started in 1980, although there had been an unofficial men’s team event operating since 1972. Prior to 1980, there was no individual event to accompany the unofficial team events, which tended to be played in conjunction with existing junior open championships.

Until 2009 the events were held biannually, but since then both individual events have been held annually, with the team event alternating between Boys and Girls.

This year’s tournament features more than 170 players from 28 countries.