Pakistan just launched two satellites and some Indians are not happy at all

Find out what our neighbours have to say about this historic day

This day will go down in the history of Pakistan as the country has just launched two indigenously manufactured satellites into space.

The satellites were launched using the Chinese Long March (LM-2C) rocket. Out of the two satellites launched, one is a remote sensing satellite (PRSS1) which is basically a dual purpose Earth observational and optical satellite.

This satellite has now made Pakistan one of the very few countries to have their own remote sensing satellite in space.

The second satellite launched today is the PAK-TES-1A which has been developed by SUPARCO. The PAK-TES-1A is an indigenously developed remote sensing satellite that weighs 285 KG and has been made by the scientists and engineers of Pakistan Space and SUPARCO.

The satellites were sent to China for launch into orbit because the country currently lacks the infrastructure to launch objects into space.

Alhumdulillah! Pakistan successfully launched two satellites today onboard Chinese Long March (LM-2C) Vehicle. The first is a remote sensing satellite (PRSS1) which will be Pakistan's eyes on the world. Pakistan joins very few countries today to have its own remote sensing satellite! The second is a test satellite prepared by SUPARCO (PAK-TES-1A) which will deliver satellite manufacture capability to SUPARO. We should all be proud. Honored to have witnessed the launch and felt the tremendous sense of pride.Today is a 'Day' in the history of this country!

Geplaatst door Athar Osama op Zondag 8 juli 2018

Some Indians can’t believe this just happened

As soon as the news of satellites launched by Pakistan hit the social media and news sites, some Indians stormed to comment in disbelief.

Let’s read what they have to say about today’s historical day.

Will these satellites be used by terrorists.

Pakistan ?? after reaching moon, will have Islamic fight with Americans there. Only US have reached moon, next Pakistan. Then Pakistan ?? will send Haqqani Network Astronauts to moon to fight the Americans on moon, carrying Islamic nukes. America will now understand Pakistan power ? … ??

China ?? is proud of Pakistan ?? ( likely to occupy-COP China Occupied Pakistan ) achievement. China-Pakistan bhai bhai, Dushman India hai hai ??

Pakistan ?? in next two years from now 2020 will send astronauts ( Paknaughty’s) in the space, 2025 to the moon during Ramadan EID, while praying ⭐️?. India ??underestimated Pakistan’s achievement in space. Coming years Pakistan plans for Ur-anus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury & finally ? Sun during night ??

So china charges 160 million to launch a toy box worth .2 million

Wallah!!!! Pakistan ?? launches ? indegeniously designed & developed satellite ? in space. Well Pakistan space agency could have placed it on Ghazanavi-III which has 5000 mile range. Pakistan is the only Islamic country to develop design space module satellite in the world. No Muslim country has achieved this feat, not even Hindu India ??.

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