Lahore is almost completely underwater after 252 millimetres of rain was recorded in 24 hours

Lahore has completely gone under water after the city experienced more than 252 millimeters of rain in the last 24 hours.

Following the unstoppable rains, most of the city has been left in floods with many roads either completely under water or left broken.

The floods have brought with them another danger as electricity wires became exposed to water that claimed around 6 lives. Additional reports suggested more than 150 electricity feeders tripped during the rains leaving most of the places in the city without electricity.

Just a few days ago Lahore along with other cities of Pakistan was experiencing a heat wave which surged the temperatures to unbearably hot.

While the rains have been a welcome change in the weather, the several infrastructural problems it brought with it has caused even more problems for the citizens.

This isn’t the first time Lahore has drowned in water after monsoon rains hit the city. If history is closely observed, the city shows these signs every single time monsoon rains hit the city.

According to the Metrological Department of Pakistan, the monsoon rains are expected to continue in the coming days.