K-Electric confisticates 500 meters of underground cable in anti-theft campaign

Pakistan is currently suffering a major shortfall in electricity generation and load shedding is getting worse day by day in some areas of the country.

Electricity theft all over the country has been cited as one of the major reasons for the shortfall. According to recent reports, about RS50 billion worth of electricity was stolen in the July 2017 – March 2018 period.

To fight electricity theft, Electricity companies around Pakistan have taken anti-theft measures. K-Electric notably has been very active in curbing electricity theft from around parts of Karachi.

Just recently, the company conducted an operation in the water-treatment plant-2 area of Mehmoodabad where they were able to find and remove more than 500 meters of underground cables weight around 700 kilograms. The wires were being specifically used for stealing electricity.

According to K-Electric, the culprits who were involved in stealing the electricity were arrested and an FIR was lodged against them.

During the operation, the company also removed more than 200 illegal hooked connections in the same area. Thanks to the efforts of K-Electric’s anti-theft campaign, the power-supply in the area has greatly improved with transmission losses reduced.