ICC has toughened the sanctions for ball tampering and personal abuse on field

Both the offences are now considered level three and level two offences respectively

International Cricket Council (ICC) just finished a meeting where the body approved a tougher code of sanctions for ball tampering and personal abuse on the field.

From now on, ball tempering will be considered a level three offense while personal abuse on the field will be considered a level two offense.

According to the new toughened sanctions, the maximum sanction for a level three offense has also been increased from 8 suspension points to 12 suspension points. This is equal to 6 test matches or 12 one day internationals.

A new offense ‘attempt to gain an unfair advantage’ has also been introduced other than ball tampering as a level three offense.

From now on Match referres will hear level 1, 2, and 3 charges while level 4 charges will be heared by a judicial commisioner only.

During the meeting, ICC also reviewed the challenges cricket is facing due to T20 leagues. ICC will take a final decision on the inclusion of players in these leagues in a session that will be held in October.

The ICC took the decision to toughen the sanctions on ball tampering especially after the recent ball-tampering cases. The body believes that in order to keep players from cheating with ball tampering, the rules need to be stricken for all formats.

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