HUM TV reveals why Hum Awards 2018 couldn’t be delayed in favor of Elections 2018

After an uproar on social media against some Pakistani celebrities not staying in Pakistan to vote in the General Elections 2018, the celebrities and HUM network released their statements.

Celebrities who are part of the Hum Awards 2018 had to leave for Toronto where the award ceremony is going to take place just a day before the general elections in Pakistan.

This created a lot of anger in Pakistanis who criticized the celebrities for ignoring their national duty in favor of an award ceremony.

Even the colleagues of these celebrities criticised them for leaving Pakistan at such a crucial time.

Hum Network’s statement on General Elections 2018

Hum TV has finally revealed why the award ceremony could not be delayed.

According to HUM Network, the date of the 6th HUM Awards was set in advance to the announcement of the election date. Due to the scale of the event, it is impossible to move the dates because sponsors are made in advance and a lot of preparation goes in. Read the full statement below:

Hum Network has always been very proud of being Pakistan’s most credible entertainment broadcast network.
Ever since its launch Hum Network has been a beacon of Pakistani dramas and format shows in all parts of the world (wherever there is Pakistani diaspora).
Over the years HUM NETWORK has become a global Pakistani brand portraying a POSITIVE & SOFT image of our country.
The date for 6th HUMAWARDS was decided months in advance to the announcement of election date. An event of this magnitude requires a lot of planning and preparation. Also, since a lot of resources have to be committed for the event and contractual commitments with international sponsors are made in advance it is not possible to change the date.
It is worth mentioning here that most of the Artists participating in the Awards have cast their votes today and then left for the Awards. However some had to leave earlier as they were required for rehearsals. It was a matter of prior commitment for them also.
As always we are confident that this event will go a long way in portraying a soft image of Pakistan globally and make all of us proud of being Pakistani.
Furthermore, Pakistan and Hum Tv are committed to this event for our global community and had contracts with various parties and people in Canada much before the election date was decided. We will not break our promise and contracts as we represent Pakistan. That can reflect bad on our country and people as we are struggling to show the world a different and positive face of Pakistan. We fulfill our contracts and promises and take our flag high across the globe
Last but not the least HUM NETWORK will proudly continue to work towards building the Pakistani brand on the global stage. #SupportHUMAwards #SupportPakistanGlobalImage#ISupportHUMAwards

Mahira Khan, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Ali Butt release statement

Following social media uproar, celebrities including Mahira Khan, Yasir Hussain, and Ahmed Ali Butt also released individual statements regarding the issue.

Mahira Khan

As much as I want to be there tomorrow, it is unfortunate that I can not be. There was absolutely no way to delay my work commitment which was scheduled months in advance, I tried my best. And so with a heavy heart I will not be voting this year. I urge all of you to get out and vote!! May this year bring the change we all have been waiting to see. InshAllah. Pakistan zindabad!!! #nayapakistan??

Yassir Hussain 

Assalam u alykum.. Salam is liye k musalman Gali deny se pehly jawab zaroor den.. yeh picture aur aisi bohot si aur jis mai aap ko @saeedhumayun#bushraansari @mikaalzulfiqar@hareemfarooq @thekubism@mahirahkhan @haniaheheofficial@thekubism @atifaslam @ahmedalibuttaur bohot sary aisy log jinhon ne khushi aur gham mai aap sab ka sath dia dikhai de rahy hain. #1 hum sab ka contract for #humawards #election2018 ki date se pehly ho chuka tha.. wesy toh hum sab kehty hain “work is worship” magar hum kaam karen toh “chilling in Canada” ho jata hai.. aisa kyon?? Kyon aap k favourite celebrities har wakt kar baat har galti ki mafi mangty rahen.. hum sab aam insaan hain farishty nah . We work v hard to entertain you all . Kyon Atif Aslam Bushra ansari jesy legends ko hum aik min mai zero kar dety hain? Kyon #mahirakhan ki har baat ko pakarna hum ne apna qomi farz samajh lia hai.. mai ne 2 dafa vote cast kia hai magar kuch fark nahi para .. kya aik aam insaan ki tarha mai is saal ka vote mis nahi kar sakta?? Kya apni commitment ko poora nahi kar sakta ?? Kyon aap 18 se 30 saal k log apny se bary actors ko galiyan dety rehty hain?. Aap k gharon mai kya sirf vote k bary mai bataya jata hai baron ki izzat k bary mai nahi,?? Agar hamari bhool aik jurm hai toh hamary wapas aaty hi police hamen arrest kary aur case chalae.. naye Pakistan mai bhi hum behtar law and order hi chahty hain toh let’s start with that . #respect #peace #pakistanzindabad??? Aur han @imranabbas.official agar aap k samny k naye bachy perform kar rahy hain toh dil bara karen aur machis ko pocket mai hi rakhen Shukria ??

Ahmed Ali Butt

App sab logon ke galeyon ka shukreya. Mujhay nahi maloom thaa keh vote na daynay say ap sab Maa bahen per utter ayin gay. Ab mayre bari…
1. Vote is your civic duty, so is obeying the law and paying your taxes (which im sure all of you do) But it’s not what makes you a pakistani.
2. If a vote is the only thing that makes you a pakistani then all the overseas pakistani are not your countrymen?
3. Trust me no one wants to make a 19 hour flight to Canada to party, we all work very hard to be where we want to be and Allah ka shuker hay have seen more places than you so “itnay maar nahi rahay hum log bahir janay kay leya”
Now what makes me a pakistan and a proud one?
Being born in pakistan and proudly representing my country all over the globe. Paying my taxes on time and be a law abiding citizen. To respect my army and institutions and my government and to stand against wrong doing.
And my nationality is not defined by a single vote.. it’s defined by my life. Aur agar Maa bahen ke galeyan dayne hay tu un ko do jo tumhara vote ek beryani ke plate pay khareedtay hay. Jo boltay hain “i don’t want to vote because it dosnt  matter” And people Wo sell theirs votes for money.

So thank you all who went and voted today. And to all the haters on there…
Jazak Allah.

#pakistan #elections2018#pakistanzindabad