FIFA warns broadcasters to focus cameras less on ‘women’ and more on the game

The 2018 Fifa World Cup is almost at its end and it has been one of the most unpredictable and surprising world cups so far.

There is no doubt that this year’s World Cup will go down in history because of how some of the best teams couldn’t even make it past the group stages.

While the world cup has mostly been trouble free, there were some issues that the football’s world governing body is worried about.

Just like past world cups, the decades-old activity of finding and rating ‘hottest female football fans’ has become a favourite past time activity on the internet.

Broadcasters, news magazines, and other media collect photos of female fans and pit them against each other on the internet. Even the slightest search on Google will reveal hundreds of such articles, videos, Facebook pages, and other social media posts.

Even the renowned photographic agency Getty Images published a photo gallery, titled ‘the hottest fans at the world cup’ which featured exclusively young women. The website later removed the gallery and apologized.

This has caused FIFA to warn broadcasters to focus less on women and more on the game.

Why is FIFA stopping broadcasters from focusing on women?

According to FIFA’s Federico Addiechi, the football’s world governing body needs help in tackling sexism at the world cup.

According to a report issued by the Anti-discrimination group Fare Network, sexism has been the biggest problem of this year’s world cup.

The body has been actively monitoring games and says that it has come across 30 cases involving sexism.

There had also been several cases of female reports being kissed or grouped on live TV which became an important issue all over the internet.

Now FIFA has warned broadcasters to focus more on the game instead of women otherwise the body will take action against them, especially if something inappropriate is found.

Adddiechi even said that this crackdown will become an official Fifa policy in the future.