Facebook starts awareness campaign on how to spot fake news in Pakistan

Facebook has started working closely with independent third-party fact-checkers in Pakistan to reduce the spread of fake news. The social media giant has also started removing fake accounts in order to stop the spread of misinformation.

The company started an awareness campaign today which can be seen on your newsfeed. Through this campaign, Facebook is trying to educate its users on how to detect false news in order to stop the spreading of false news.

In past false news on Facebook has created a lot of issues in various countries and Pakistan is amongst one of the countries who has suffered from false news spread on social media.

Tips to spot false news directly from Facebook

According to Facebook, here is the best way to detect if a news if fake:

Check headlines carefully – Most false news usually have very catchy headlines that tend to capture your attention with exclamation points, capped letters, and other ways. If a heading sounds unbelievable, they probably are.

Double check the link – Nearly all false news will point you toward a website that is hosted outside of Facebook. Make sure you are reading the news from well-known links.

Check the source thoroughly – Most false news never have any sources behind them. You must check for a source before believing the story. Reading from well-known blogs and news sites can help.

Look for funny looking sites – when a news post sends you off to an outside website, check for its layout and formatting. Most false news sites have a funny or broken down layout with lots of ads placed on the front.

Double check the photos – Photos in an article can easily be edited through modern software. Make sure to search for the photo if you think it is unbelievable.

Check the dates – Double check on the date the articles are posted. False news stories usually have a broken down timeline that can easily be detected.

Look for alternate coverage – If a news story is false, chances are that no one else in the country has covered it. Always look for alternate news stories on the same news.

Check if the story is sarcastic – many news sites operating on the internet pen down sarcastic stories that are based on current affairs in the country. Read the story thoroughly and you’ll easily be able to tell if it is a serious story or a joke.

Share only authentic stories – last but not the least, share only the stories that you believe are true.

To read more on how Facebook is helping in stopping the spread of false information, check this link.