Careem apologizes for its recent ‘political slogan’ promos on social media

Careem is well known to capitalize on various trends in the country and turn them into ad campaigns. The popular ride-hailing service has previously used many events to give out promos.

While some of their promos have been creative and somewhat hilarious, the latest campaign run by the company has backfired.

Careem recently started posting promos on a daily basis on social media that used various ‘Political Slogans’ from different political parties in Pakistan in light of the upcoming Pakistan elections 2018.

The slogans used by the company read ‘Mere Aziz Hum Watno’, ‘Mujhe Kyu Nikala’, and ‘Kal bhi promo zinda tha, ajj bhi promo zinda hai’ amongst others.

While the slogan promos may look harmless, it seems that they have hurt the sentiments of Pakistani people. Most people in the country take politics very seriously and are sensitive about their respective leaders and parties.

People have become so angry with these promo posts that a  hashtag #BoycottCareemPakistan has started picking up on Twitter and people have already started deleting their Careem app from their phones.

Boycott @CareemPAK for using promo code to humiliate political parties for there business. Election Commission is not only biased but also become irresponsible in #GeneralElections2018 by giving free play field to every person #BoycottCareemPakistan

Dear @CareemPAK I am the biggest username of Careem service but due to your pathetic and shameless promotion i am boycotting careem and will use @Uber in future. I will request from @CareemCare to take notice on this issue. From now #BoycottCareemPakistan

got news from a friend that, Lucky would soon invest in Careem. I would kindly urge the management of @LuckyCementLtd to stay away from a political organization like @CareemPAK which has dirty political intentions. it may result in serious backlash 4 them #BoycottCareemPakistan

Absolutely since days Something going wrong with @CareemPAK Don’t knw why might their staff has changed , sold or something else, But these kinda stupidities will definitely make their repo bad. Just deleted #BoycottCareemPakistan

good bye careem forever.from me and my friends #BoycottCareemPakistan

All Careem promos using Political Slogans

Here are all the promos Careem released on Facebook in the past couple of weeks using various popular ‘Political Slogans’.

Careem apologizes for the promos

The #BoycottCareemPakistan picked up so much traction on Twitter that Careem had to post an apology on the social media site. Here’s what the company had to say about it.

We sincerely apologise for hurting your sentiments. Careem is politically neutral and our election taglines covered all popular political slogans. Our singular aim is to get everyone to the polling stations. #CareemForDemocracy