British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed lands big role in ‘Venom’ movie alongside Tom Hardy

With Marvel skipping this holiday season, the next big superhero film will be Sony’s ‘Venom’ alongside DC’s Aquaman.

Up till now, Sony has been very secretive about the plot and other characters involved in the Venom movie. But the company finally teased the villain and other characters of the movie through a new trailer shown at past weekend’s Comic-Con.

The new trailer not only details the plot of the movie, it also introduces the main villain, which will be played by none other than the Pakistani-British actor Riz Ahmed.

Since Venom is an anti-hero in the Spiderman universe, it was very challenging for Sony to find a villain that was crazier than the film’s main protagonist. So Riz Ahmed’s character Dr. Carlton Drake, a.k.a ‘Riot’ was the solution the studio came up with.

Riz Ahmed’s villainous character ‘Riot’

According to Riz Ahmed, who shed some light on his character in Venom, Dr. Carlton will be a billionaire industrialist, an inventor and a genius trying to find a future for humanity.

Well my character is a billionaire industrialist, he’s an inventor, he’s a bit of a genius, and he’s really interested in trying to find a future for humanity as we face ecological collapse and war. For him, the solution lies in colonizing other planets. So it’s actually a kind of search for another suitable habitat for humanity, that leads him to the Symbiotes. – Riz Ahmed

Riz described his character as someone trying to serve humanity in his own twisted way.

So, for me, when I’m playing a character like Carlton Drake, I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy but I totally understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He’s trying to serve humanity and he just thinks that he’s best placed to do that and he wants to find a future for the human race. And of course, as the most rich, powerful, successful, intelligent member of the human race, he should be at the center of that future as well. So, I think I’m playing the good guy, but that’s sort of what everyone thinks.

Judging by the direct words of Ahmed, and the Comic-Con footage of Venom, it sounds like the movie will be very different from the current Superhero films of today.

Venom is set to hit theaters worldwide on October 5, 2018.