Believe it or not, this impressive building is UBL’s regional office in Lahore

Two years ago UBL moved its head office in Karachi to a massive skyscraper in Karachi which is the tallest building of Pakistan.

The UBL Tower in Karachi is easily one of the most impressive buildings of Pakistan in terms of interior and exterior design. The 22 stories building connected by 5 bridges easily takes away your breath.

After its success, UBL didn’t stop there. The bank recently inaugurated its regional office in Lahore inside a building just as impressive as the UBL Tower in Karachi.

Check out the images of UBL’s regional office Lahore and prepared to be amazed.

UBL regional office Lahore building features

The UBL regional office Lahore building was inaugurated on March 29th, 2018 by the top officials of the bank. The building has been designed by Isbah Hassan & Associates while its interior work has been handled by Red Line Collection. The design has been inspired by classic Edwardian design.

The building is situated on main Jail Road, Gulberg, Lahore. It rises to more than 125 feet and has 13 floors including 2 basements, Ground & Mezzanine.

Within the building, there is an auditorium for 60 people, and a prayer hall which can manage 40 people. There is also plenty of parking space which can cater to 100 vehicles and much more.

The state of the art building is a symbol of UBL’s continuing legacy that inspires confidence and trust.