You will now be able to use Apple Watch as a walkie talkie

Apple just announced a host of new features for the iPhone, iPad, and MacOS during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018. While the highlight of the conference was the announcement of iOS 12, Apple also announced new features for their popular smartwatch.

The Apple Watch will get a host of new health and fitness tracking features but the one that really took away the show was that now people will be able to communicate with their watch via voice by just tapping on it.

This new feature will allow the Apple Watch to act as a Walkie Talkie where a user can tap and record a voice message and send it to their friends or family over cellular or Wi-Fi.

The user on the other end will accept the short message and record one of their own and send it back.

According to Apple, this will make communicating with friends fun and easy. It will also allow people to quickly and easily communicate with friends and family while they are working out or jogging in the park.

The Walkie Talkie feature was actually introduced back in 2014 but it was never made available for the Apple Watch. But with the new WatchOS5, things have changed.