You can enjoy Tax free mobile balance recharge for another few days

Mobile companies will continue to provide balance recharge free from tax on every recharge for a few more days as the Supreme Court announced that no taxes will be deducted until the final verdict.

According to sources, the decision to continue tax-free recharge was made after a meeting between tax authorities and representatives of mobile companies under the eye of the attorney general of Pakistan.

The tax-free balance recharge 15 day period was supposed to end 12 AM Friday but will now continue on.

According to sources, the Federal Board of Revenue revealed during the meeting that they had not directed any mobile company to not to deduct tax on balance recharge. The decision to offer tax-free balance was made by the companies on their own in respect of Supreme Court’s orders.

The officials further revealed that the tax authorities will still not issue any notices to mobile companies to not to deduct tax. They will have to follow the orders of the Supreme Court after the final verdict.

Mobile companies and tax authorities were ordered by the Supreme Court to suspend all tax deductions on mobile balance recharge on June 11 after a hearing took place when Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar had taken notice of alarming tax being cut from RS. 100 balance recharge.