World renowned Asian-themed US restaurant P.F Chang’s is coming to Pakistan

P.F Chang’s, one of the most popular Asian-Themed US casual dining restaurant chain is coming to Lahore this summer.

The restaurant is known around the world for producing every single dish from scratch on a day to day basis. The restaurant’s specialty is cooking food through an ancient cooking technique that involves cooking food at up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 Celsius).

According to the restaurant, the Northern style Chinese Wok technique allows the chefs to create a mix of caramelized and smokey flavors with a crispy texture which gives the food at Chang’s its unique taste.

In Pakistan, P.F Chang’s menu will consist of some of their best dishes from around the world including the original Chang’s Mongolian Beef, Chicken Wraps, The Original Dynamite Shrimp, Cheng-du Lamb, Chang’s Spicy Chicken, and more.

Moreover, P.F Chang’s will offer a variety of handmade dim sum items and sushi along with dessert options from the P.F Chang’s ‘The Pastry Lab’.

The restaurant is already quite popular amongst Pakistanis who have traveled to U.S, London, and Dubai where there are several branches already operating.

The restaurant chain is being brought to Pakistan with the help of Kingsforth (PVT) Ltd.

Location of P.F Chang’s Lahore

The first location of P.F Chang’s Lahore will be located at 17 C-1, MM Alam Road.