Toyota Pakistan has increased prices of all its vehicles once again

2018 is quickly becoming the worst year to buy a new car. The top three automobile companies of Pakistan, Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda have increased prices of their vehicles multiple times since January.

If you thought the price hike ended with the last hike a couple of months back, you’re in for a surprise. Toyota Indus Motor Company announced today that it is increasing prices of all its vehicles in Pakistan.

Although the company hasn’t announced when the new prices will come into effect, experts strongly believe the new rates will kick off on July 1st.

So if you are planning to buy a new car from Toyota, here is the new price list for all of their cars.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Prado

Other vehicles

With this price hike, you can expect other automobile manufacturers, particularly Atlas Honda to follow in the footsteps of Toyota.

Suzuki recently also increase the prices of all its cars in Pakistan.

If the rupee devaluation continues, the price hike in vehicles in Pakistan will also continue to rise.