This story of villagers coming to the rescue of a stranded train near Mehrab Pur will renew your love for Pakistan

This story of how a small village helped stranded people inside a train derailed near Mehrab Pur will restore your faith in humanity and will deepen your love for Pakistan.

When Pakistan Railway’s Shalimar Express was heading towards Lahore from Karachi on the 27th of June, it met an unfortunate event. The train had to abruptly stop because of a serious accident ahead.

Because the train was traveling at a high speed, the driver had to use an emergency brake which led one of the boogies to derail, stranding the train in a place where there was no population to be seen miles away in the middle of the day with excruciatingly hot weather.

Before it could head back to its destination, the train required at least 6 hours of repairs with no sign of water, food, or any other basic necessities nearby.

Very soon cries of children on board started echoing through the vicinity because water and food supplies were running short. The passengers were not prepared for this unfortunate event.

Suddenly a scene ensued which cannot be described in words. Someone in the area must have heard the ruckus the train caused when it stopped. Soon from the trees afar emerged scores of people from a nearby village who came to the rescue of the stranded passengers

These people with them brought ample water in coolers to provide help to the thirsty and hungry passengers. Soon after, men, children and the elderly were seen carrying more water and ice to the scene in their turbans and whatever they had to make sure the passengers were supplied with cool water to beat the heat.

In another few minutes, a rickshaw carrying pulao arrived. Since the villagers were poor and had no expensive utensils on their hands, they brought with them pots made of clay to make sure every passenger got a share of the food.

The villagers did everything in their power to help the stranded passengers regardless of their financial standing, ethnicity, sect, or religion. The only thing that was driving them to help was humanity.

For as long as the train stood in the area, the villagers were there to help. And when the train finally got fixed and was readying to leave, the villagers waved at the passengers as if saying farewell to their own brothers, sisters, and children.

The act of kindness by the people of this village has already inspired thousands of Pakistanis over social media.  Acts like these prove that Pakistani people have a huge heart. It has certainly helped rekindle our faith in humanity.