This is how much Pakistani films made on Eid after Bollywood ban

Right before Eid, in a bid to promote Pakistani films on Eid, the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage banned the screening of Bollywood films during Eid Holidays.

Seems like the ban on Bollywood films has worked in favor of Pakistani productions. The three Pakistani films released on Eid managed to make record-breaking openings.

A total of four films were released on Eid of which three were Pakistani and one was Hollywood.

Let’s see how much each of the three films, ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’, ‘Wajood’, and ‘Azaadi’ made during Eid.

7 Din Mohabbat In

The Mahira Khan starrar may have received mix reviews from critics and general public but that did not stop the film from making a record-breaking pre-booking opening for a Pakistani film.

The film collected 1.5 crores on the first day of Eid and earned 2 crores on the second day totaling 3.5 crores.


Moammar Rana’s comeback Lollywood film received a lot of backlash from critics and the general public when its trailer was released a couple of months back.

But the film still managed to make 2.5 crores on Eid alone.


Javed Sheikhs directorial return was the weakest of the three releases and failed to make as much as any of the other two releases.

The film only managed to make 50 lakhs on the first day with around 1.2 crores made on the second day.

Eid 2017 vs. Eid 2018 box office collections

The Bollywood ban certainly did help the local productions in terms of total box office collection.

Last year two Pakistani films, ‘Yalghaar’ and ‘Mehrunissa V Lub U’ clashed at the box office. Although the films faced no competition from Bollywood, they did have to face strict competition from Fast 8.

Reportedly, Yalghaar took the lead last year with 3.1 crores collected on first two days of Eid followed by Mehrunissa V Lub U with 1.8 crores.