Queen Elizabeth II personally presented the Queen’s young leaders awards to three Pakistanis

The Queen’s Young Leaders awards announced the winners of 2018 in December 2017 in which 3 young Pakistanis won the prestigious award.

The Young Leaders awards had received hundreds and thousands of applications from around the world including countries like Brunei, Darussalam. India, Lesotho, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Canada and more.

The three Pakistani who won the awards were Haroon Yasin, Hassan Mujtaba, and Mahnoor Syed. The three were finally presented with their awards yesterday personally by Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham Palace, Lo the UK in a festive ceremony.

The Queen’s Young leaders Awards are given to youngsters between the ages of 18 to 29 across the Commonwealth for taking a lead in their communities and using their skills to transform the lives of their people.

Pakistani winners of Queen’s Young Leaders Awards

The three Pakistanis that won the award are Haroon Yasin, Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi, and Mahnoor Syed.

The winners were announced on December 5th 2017 with Prince Harry personally congratulating all the winners through a video message.

Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi

Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi helps educate marginalized young people of Pakistan through art. His organization, Discovering New Artists provides free art, primary and secondary education to any students who are unable to afford to go to school.

DNA helps young students by raising money and funding school projects through their initiative ‘Art for Change’. It is a national competition for child art which aims to help form a link between young people in the underprivileged and privileged communities of Pakistan.

Haroon Yasin

Haroon Yasin has endlessly and tirelessly worked hard to provide underprivileged children with good education. His organization ‘Orenda’ teaches children the national curriculum through a very unique and digital education model.

His mission is to build a dynamic education model that will help with the development of children throughout Pakistan. Orenda’s team is already teaching 1,300 children in the rural areas of Pakistan through a unique digital cartoon series specially developed to educate children.

Mahnoor Syed

Mahnoor started out by supporting underprivileged people around her community. She founded her organization ‘Spread the word’ and partnered with various schools to provide extra-curricular activities and workshops to students. The workshops cover topics such as mental and physical health, child abuse and bullying.

Spread the word has now more than 300 volunteers from around the country helping students learn about these problems in the society. Mahnoor has also been able to secure funds to establish two libraries in Lahore.