PIA to focus on Hygiene, introduces disposable pillows for flights

Pakistan International Airlines is notorious for being criticized for many issues with flight operations, cabin crews, the planes itself and more.

But recently, the National carrier of Pakistan went through rebranding which is more than just a cosmetic change. PIA promised the rebranding is just one of the first steps in their journey towards improvements.

Today the airline announced that they will now be focusing on improving the hygiene of their planes which have often been criticised for being poor.

The airlines will now effectively start using disposable pillows to make sure that every new passenger receives a new pillow that is free from germs and other forms of bacteria collected over repeated use.

Previously the airlines have been criticized for failing to maintain general hygiene inside their airplanes. Issues like smelly seats, insects emerging from within the seats are amongst the few most popular complaints.

PIA previously also took action by refurbishing their cabins with new seat covers and curtains to ensure that these complaints are addressed.

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