Peshawar Cultural Heritage Trail & Food Street is now open for public

The Peshawar Cultural Heritage Trail & Food Street was one of the most sought out projects in KPK and it has finally been completed.

The cultural heritage trail was inaugurated today and has been opened to the public. It is a 500-meter long trail that also serves as a food street.

The new trail will now effectively become one of the best places to enjoy food and culture together in Peshawar. It starts from Ghanta Ghar to Gor Gathri. Along the trail, there are numerous cultural shops and eateries with open air seating for the public.

In order to beautify the trail, the KPK authorities not only repainted all the buildings adjacent to it but also renovated the pavement and other damages.

The trail is now equipped with beautiful lighting which makes it a perfect place for people to visit with their families and enjoy a meal while witnessing the rich culture of Northern Pakistan.

The Cultural heritage trail project was inaugurated in December last year and has been completed in a very short time given its scale.

The trail will also help foreign tourism in the country which the authorities hope will see a significant boost after such projects are completed.