Pakistan’s first bicycle sharing service is heading to University of Peshawar

Careem and Uber may have changed the way we use public transport and has fixed many problems millions of people face every day trying to commute from one spot to the other.

But these ride-hailing services are excellent as long as you take them for a long distance ride and is usually expensive if taken for a short ride.

To solve this problem, the students of NUST developed Pakistan’s first bicycle renting system which operates through an application just like you would use an app to hire Careem or Uber.

After successfully serving students of NUST, the share a bicycle company is now headed to the University of Peshawar.

What is Cykiq

Cykiq is a unique bicycle sharing company that uses an app to allow people to rent a bike and commute on short distance travel for an extremely affordable cost.

The service was developed by the students of NUST in 2017 and has been running successfully inside the university ever since its launch.

The bicycle sharing service has solved student’s traveling problem by allowing them to use a bike that they can book from the cykiq app. The service currently charges RS.15 for 30 minutes.

How does Cykiq work?

Cykiq is an extremely easy to use service that is operated through an app. All you need to do is download the app and use it to find the nearest bicycle.

When you find your bicycle, you scan the QR code on it to unlock it. Once you reach your destination, you park the bicycle at a designated area and lock it.

Payment can be transferred digitally through the app using your wallet.

Availability of Cykiq

Cykiq is currently only available inside NUST. It is now heading to the University of Peshawar before expanding to other universities around the country.

The Cykiq team is also working to bring the cycle sharing application to the public very soon.