New photos from a drone show the situation of dried Rawal Lake in Islamabad

The significant reduction in the amount of rain due to climate change in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad has greatly affected the once filled to the top Rawal Lake and Dam.

With very little rain in the past few months and sky-high temperatures, the Rawal Lake has almost dried out and become a deserted ground where motorcycles have replaced boats.

Several photos of the dried lake appeared on social media a few weeks back and since then have been circulating around everyone’s newsfeed, raising alarms at the same time.

A new set of photos taken from a drone shows the situation of the lake from a birds eye point of view.

According to Rawal Dam administration, the current level of the dam is 16,500 acre-feet which is just 28.4ft above the dead level.

Even though the situation looks dire, weather experts are hoping the spell of monsoon rains that begin next week will help refill the dam and lake.

However, global warming and climate change in Pakistan has started to show adverse effects already. The citizens have already started playing their part by planting trees around various cities. Now it is up to the authorities to make sure that water from monsoon rains is not wasted so this situation does not get worse.

Photos by : Danish Khan