Junoon may be reuniting to perform on Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2018

You may have seen a photo of Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmad having a casual ‘Iftaar’ meeting on social media. Ever since the image of the two iconic stars of Pakistan emerged on Twitter, fans have been speculating a reunion of one of Pakistan’s renowned bands ‘Junoon’.

Turns out, the iftaar meeting was more than just a casual meetup between Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed, and friends.

An anonymous source has confirmed to Tribune that the band is indeed reuniting for a performance at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2018.

This should come as no surprise because last year’s Battle of the Bands brought together Entity Paradigm who were disbanded for years.

Everything from the Iftaar meetup to Salman Ahmed using hashtag Junoon and Ali Azmat retweeting the post suggests that the two are finally past their differences and are ready to entertain the crowd one last time.

This isn’t the first time a reunion of Junoon has been hinted. Last year Ali Azmat was clueing at a reunion by asking the fans directly if they wanted to see Junoon perform once again on the occasion of their album’s 25th anniversary.

The reunion however never took place. But the recent tweets and pictures are pointing towards a ‘confirmed’ performance at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands.