Google Trends reveals ‘Brazil’ as the National team of Pakistan in Football World Cup 2018

Fifa World Cup 2018 began last week in Russia and ever since the fever of the game is getting crazier around the world. Passionate football fans are closely following their favorite teams and players through various channels.

The easiest way to quickly get an update on the World Cup is through Google. The search engine is providing match results, schedule and even critical data on players.

To visualize these searches from around the world, Google has created a fun little tool that reveals who is searching who during the World Cup.

In Pakistan particularly, Google Trend has revealed that the most searched team in the country is Brazil followed by Argentina and Germany.

But that’s not all, Pakistanis are also searching for updates on players including Mohamed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Lionel Messi, and Carlos Sanchez.

The Google Trend tool updates search trends on a daily basis revealing what people are currently interested in during the entirety of the World Cup.

You can also try this fun tool to find out what is popular today.

Even though the trends are updated daily, some search trends remain unchanged such as Pakistanis love for Brazil.

Do you have a favorite team or player that you are religiously following in this World Cup? Share your favorites in the comment section below.