Facebook will soon let you hide spoilers from your newsfeed

Facebook is an important part of our life. There is no denying that a lot of our time is spent browsing through our newsfeed every day.

But sometimes Facebook newsfeed can have unpleasant posts that you cannot unsee once seen, specifically those which spoil the story of a film or television.

Whether you follow a Pakistani drama or a western season or love watching movies, Facebook is notorious for spoiling plot details.

Just recently when Marvel released their epic film Avengers: Infinity War, hundreds and thousands of people were enraged when spoilers started hitting their newsfeed days before the release of the movie in cinemas.

So far Facebook only allowed you to snooze certain pages to hideaway all the posts but didn’t do anything to silence those annoying friends who spoil the fun by posting story details as soon as they are done watching something.

To make sure spoilers don’t appear on your newsfeed, Facebook is testing out a new featured known as ‘Keyword Snooze’.

When the feature goes live, you will be able to avoid spoilers by snoozing certain keywords. For example, if you want to avoid spoilers from Game of Thrones when it releases next year, you can simply snooze Keywords like ‘GOT’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and other combination of keywords.

Facebook will automatically block all posts containing the snoozed keyword from appearing on your wall, hence taking care of the spoiler problem the social media platform has been plagued for so long.

The new feature is expected to roll out later this year.