Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Lahore sealed after ‘food serving trays’ were found drying near toilet

On the 13th of June, just two days before Eid, a customer of Butler’s Chocolate Cafe MM Alam Road shared a shocking story on social media in which the cafe was found drying ‘food serving trays’ near the toilet seat inside the bathroom.

The shocking scene was witnessed by one of the customer’s of the cafe when they entered the bathroom labeled ‘non-functional’ to wash their hands.

According to the customer, the bathroom was fully operational but the cafe had pasted the note in an attempt to keep people away from seeing what the toilet was actually being used for.

But since the visitor of the cafe only had to wash their hands, they entered the toilet anyway and immediately felt disgusted and betrayed by the cafe after seeing the sight.

Punjab Food Authority seals Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

Upon receiving a public complaint, PFA sent an inquiry team who confirmed the unhygienic act being conducted in the cafe and since then has sealed it.

The official Facebook page of Punjab Food Authority confirmed that further penalties shall be imposed in the light of evidence collected from Butler’s Chocolate Cafe MM Alam Road.

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe is a renowned name in Pakistan. It is a shame to see that such an upscale cafe which is trusted by millions of Pakistanis does not care about the general food hygiene.