Apple releases details on iOS 12 – the update will come this fall

Apple has just released details on the upcoming iOS 12 which will be released this fall. The update will bring significant improvements along with performance enhancements for older Apple devices.

The announcement was made at Apple’s annual WWDC conference confirming that it will come with quite a few life enhancements along with improvements to Siri, FaceTime and more. New apps will also be added to the iOS 12 update.

Performance improvements and Siri Integration

According to Apple, iOS 12 will improve functionality on devices that are heavily used. After the update, apps will launch 40% faster with the keyboard launching 50% faster and camera opening 70% faster on older devices.

With iOS 12, Apple is giving third-party developers more control over Siri. It will now allow developers to further integrate their apps with Siri. A shortcuts app will also be added that will allow users to create customized Siri requests which will help initiate multiple actions with a single shortcut.

Apple is also adding Screen Time to iOS 12 which will basically provide you with a summary of app usage. You can also set app time limits which will increase parental control over apps.

The update will also add grouped notifications to help you dismiss or address multiple notifications together.

FaceTime and Animoji improvements in iOS 12

FaceTime is getting an update which will allow 32 people to participate in calls on macOS and iOS.

iBooks is getting a complete redesign, it will now be known as Apple Books instead.

iOS 12 will add new characters to Animoji with the addition of Memoji for the latest iPhone X which will let you create a custom emoji looking like you.

The photos app will now automatically make sharing and search suggestions along with recommending filters and effects to use on various photos.

Apple has also partnered with Pixar to create a brand new file format ‘USDZ’ which is specifically designed to be used by augmented reality apps.

ARKit is getting an update which will improve its ability to track a face and enable shared experiences which means you will be able to look at two different iPhones with same content running simultaneously on both phones.

A measure app is being added that will allow users to accurately measure objects around them using iPhone’s camera.

Furthermore, the voice memos and stocks apps are coming to the iPad. Voice memos recordings will now sync with iCloud.

CarPlay is also set to receive an update with added support for Google Maps and Waze.