Zainab Abbas reaches 1 Million followers on Twitter

Zainab Abbas, the renowned sports anchor and analyst and official presenter for Pakistan Super League have reached 1 million followers on her official Twitter account.

This is a huge achievement for Zainab as she has no cricketing background nor did she started out as a celebrity. The sports anchor began her career by hosting cricket talk shows and quickly became one of the most popular sports/cricket journalists of Pakistan.

Zainab is also often credited as the first Pakistani female sports presenter who joined the world of broadcasting on a global level.

Throughout her career, she has hosted various shows, interviewed several cricketers and has presented a number of cricket tournaments on an international level.

On social media, Zainab has left behind some of the most popular female sports anchors from around the world and especially India who has several female sports anchors.

Her Twitter account now has even more followers than Isha Guha and Mayanti Langer who is one of the most famous women sports journalists of India.

On the occasion, several Pakistani celebrities and sports anchors including Mehwish Hayat, Rabia Anum, Asif Khan, Mehr Tarar, Abdul Ghaffar, Faizan Lakhani, and more congratulated her.