Water sprinklers installed at Lahore zoo to keep animals cool

Several water sprinklers have been installed inside the cages of animals in the Lahore zoo to keep them cool as the temperature in the city continue to rise.

Punjab is currently undergoing persistent dry weather with scorching heat which is creating a lot of problem for people in the month of Ramadan.

With the temperature now rising to 43 degrees centigrade, extreme heat conditions is causing serious health issues to not only people but also the animals.

Keeping the weather conditions in mind, water sprinklers installed at the Lahore zoo will keep animals cool. A light shower is created frequently throughout the day where animals can enjoy the cool water and stay safe.

After the sprinklers were installed, the Lahore Zoo authorities recorded considerable temperature changes within the animal enclosures.

This is due to continuous showers in the enclosures paired with natural winds. According to the Zoo authorities, they installed the sprinklers themselves instead of resorting to a third party company which could have been very expensive.

Thankfully the attempts of the Zoo have been successful and the animals are finally able to keep themselves cool.