The owner of this service station in Karachi is offering free showers to help fight back the heat

The metrological department of Pakistan released a series of warnings of a heatwave in Karachi due this entire week. With temperatures exceeding 42 degrees Celsius, life is getting hard in the city.

The unusual heat in Karachi this week has already started triggering various emergencies related to heat strokes. Since it is Ramadan, keeping hydrated during the day while working has become extremely challenging.

To help citizens coup with this dangerous levels of heat, common Karachites are figuring out various ways to help. A car service station owner turned shut down his service station during the day to offer free showers to the public.

Mr. Jawad who runs a small service station below the Banaras Pull right next to Metro Cinema is playing his part in making sure no one suffers from a fatal heatstroke.

During the day he shut off his service station and gave free showers to people around the area to make sure they stay safe.

Since the water from the sprayer is cool, people feel revitalized and are ready to go back to work once they have taken the shower.

The makeshift shower service is free and Jawed intends to continue offering it until this deadly heatwave has passed.