Suzuki and Toyota starts suspending bookings of non-tax filers

A recent policy change introduced during the budget of 2018-19 is preventing non-filers from importing or booking new cars in Pakistan.

Although the change in policy will take effect starting 1st of July 2018, car companies have already started suspending bookings made by non-filers.

Notices are being sent by Toyota Indus and Pak Suzuki to anyone who has placed a car booking with the two companies.

Car dealers are also being advised by companies to not only suspend bookings made by non-filers but also to call them individually and let them know that the policy change can lead to order cancellation if they do not attain tax-filer status before June 30th.

Toyota Indus has also issued a public notice on their website and newspapers regarding the new policy which reads;

While announcing the budget for the fiscal year 2018-19, the Government has recently introduced a new policy order to restrict all non-fillers from purchasing locally manufactured and/or imported vehicles. This includes all individuals whose names do not appear in the Active Taxpayer’s List as well as those customers who have already booked a vehicle and are expecting delivery after 30th June, 2018.


To avoid any possible delivery delays or cancellations of vehicle orders, we would like to humbly request all of our valued customers to ensure that they change their status as tax-filers. This will enable us to continue delivering our highest level of service to you now and in the future

Car manufacturers will go to court

Auto companies are worried that the new change in the policy will significantly affect the sales of automobiles in the country and has requested the government to reverse the changes.

Car manufacturers are planning to take the matter to the court because they also believe it will encourage investors and profiteers to purchase vehicles as tax-filers and sell them at higher prices to non-filers.

Before the policy change, any non-filer person could pay own money to get their automobile delivered at a price of PKR 70,000 to PKR 150,000 depending on the car make and model.