University students in Islamabad hung an ‘ATM out of service’ note and slept inside it

Islamabad is currently experiencing a staggering hot weather as authorities and medical experts warned the capital city would be facing a heatwave for the next 10 days.

Due to intense heat in Ramadan, citizens of Islamabad are facing a lot of problems and many are trying their best to stay away from direct heat.

But something unusual was reported today as students of a private university in Islamabad placed a note outside an ATM saying ‘ATM out of service’, locked the door and slept inside.

In summers banks are forced to turn on the air conditioner inside the ATM room to the max to keep the ATM from malfunctioning. This, in turn, makes the ATM room quite cool and pleasant.

Although most ATM’s are guarded by private security hired by the bank, it seems the Habib Bank ATM in G-7/1 was left completely unguarded today of which the students took advantage of.

According to reports, the students belonged to the Federal Urdu University of Islamabad. There were at least three students inside the ATM as reported by people who took the photos.